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                                  About HNU




                                  How to Get to Hunan Normal University

                                  Hunan Normal University is located in Changsha, Hunan  Province. It has excellent transport links with Changsha railway station and  Huanghua International Airport.

                                  By air
                                  HNU is served by one major airport: Huanghua International Airport. Regular  flights are available from major domestic major cities. Visitors from Korea,  Japan and Thailand can fly directly to Changsha. Visitors from other  international cities can transfer from Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and  Hongkong. The airport is about 36 kilometres, 30 minutes' drive from the  University.

                                  By train
                                  Changsha railway station is 7 kilometres from the University. It connects us  with all major Chinese cities and has a fast and efficient service. It takes  13-15 hours to travel from Beijing or Shanghai, and 7-8 hours from Guangzhou  or Shenzhen. And High Speed Railway is available from Guangzhou, which takes  you only 2 hours. You are not advised to come here from Urumchi by train,  which will take you at least 44 hours.

                                  By bus
                                  To HNU from Changsha Railway Station
                                  - Bus numbers: Lishan Special Line, 202, Lv1
                                  To HNU from Huanghua International Airport
                                  - Bus number: 114 Lishan Special Line, 202, Lv1
                                  To HNU from Changsha South Railway Station
                                  - Bus number: 63

                                  By taxi
                                  Taxi ranks are located at Changsha Railway Station, Changsha South Railway  Station and Huanghua International Airport

                                  Map of Erliban Campus(Main Campus)  

                                  Map of Shuda  Campus

                                  Map of Xianjiahu Campus








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